October Gallery Exhibit

Our October artist is Lydia Baldassarre. Early experiences as a young child have influenced and shaped Lydia into the artist she has become today. A lifelong interest in art began at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. At age twelve, she attended summer art classes. After class, she was free to roam the galleries. The rooms became a playground filled with famous paintings and sculptures.

Today, art museums from Paris and Italy, Maine to California and Canada, have provided her with inspiration and energy that is carried out in her recent work. Outdoor workshops on Monhegan Island, Maine, and Rockport and Gloucester, Massachusetts, have inspired the natural spontaneity eviden in her abstract collection.

Currently, she continues to explore new ways to apply paint other than using conventional brushes. By manipulating oil pant with a credit card, she is able to achieve texture, sculpture, and depth on canvas. Her love of art that started as a child continues to grow and change as she explores new possibilities with paint.